Best Body Fat Analyzer Scale / Weighing Machine 2020

Our Top 3 Picks 

#1 Health Sense #2 Actofit #3 Omron HBF
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Buying a weighing machine and tracking your weight can help you in transforming your body but there is one parameter which can help you in a much better way. Yes, we are talking about the fat percentage in your body. This can help you in checking the amount of fat that you are losing and it is a true measure of your progress in your journey to body transformation.

Best Body Fat Analyzer Weighing Scale 

Today, there are many weighing machines available which can do a fat analysis for you at your home. So let us look at the top 5 best weighing machines for analysis in India in 2019. These are the top 5 best weighing machines for fat analysis in India. Go ahead and check out these products.

#1 Health Sense Fat Analysis Weighing Machine


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The first machine on our list is from health Sense and it comes with very basic functionality. The machine has 12 user memories and in addition to this, it measures body weight, body fat, body water, body mass, muscle mass and BMR for you.  The machine is highly accurate and at the same time, it also comes with a 1-year long warranty. The machine needs 2 AAA batteries to work and it is one of the simplest yet most useful designs that you will find in the market.

 You can choose for this weighing machine if you do not wish to get a complicated machine loaded with lots of unwanted features. This is one of the most affordable body weighing machines with body fat monitor available in India. You can certainly opt for this one without a doubt.

#2 Mi Body Fat Analysis Weighing Machine


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Mi is certainly a market leader in terms of weighing machine. It has only one product available with it but this one weighing machine is all you will need to track your health. The weighing machine from Mi measures more than just body fat percentage. The weighing machine connects itself to the phone and then syncs up the data there. You need to use Mi-Fit app to get the data in one place.

Another advantage here is that you can create multiple user profiles and each user can track his data on the app.  The machine comes with a 1-year warranty which is enough to provide you with enough reliability and trust. This machine from mi is not just reliable but it offers you the best functionally as well.

#3 Omron HBF Fat Analysis Weighing Machine


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Omron is also a very reliable brand when it comes to medical instruments for home. They make reliable BP monitors and they also make a reliable weighing machine which has the capabilities to measure the body parameters like body facts. This machine is having Bluetooth functionality which can help you in using this machine with phone and you can use the Connect Omron app for getting all data.

The app gives you the measurement of skeletal muscles, body fat percent, body weight, visceral fat, and BMI. The total profiles that can be created in this app are 4. One of the unique features is that it automatically recognizes the user and then syncs up the data to the relevant user profile. This is just one such machine which is available with the kind of feature which recognizes the user.

#4 Actofit Body Fat Analyzer Scale


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The next one on our list is from Actofit. This machine is also compatible with Bluetooth device and it connects easily to the app. The advantage of purchasing this machine is that it not only helps you in getting body fat but in total, this measures a total of 15 body parameters and displays it to you on the app. Another interesting feature about this machine is that it uses artificial intelligence to get the exact data which is also accurate.

Apart from this, the app also has Dual Frequency BIA Technology and you also get a 1-year warranty on the weighing machine. Actofit is certainly a reliable brand and it offers good functionality as well. The app displays the data in the form of charts which makes it easier to track the progress of your transformation.

 #5 Lifetrons Fat Analysis Weighing Scale


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This is the last machine on our list and just like others, it is also a best seller weighing scale with fat percentage measurements. The machine can help you in measuring a total of 12 essential parameters which can help you in transforming your body as per your goal. You can also create multiple profiles on this machine so that each and every family member can go ahead and track their vital stats.

The application also measures BMR and TDEE. With these inputs, the application can help you in making your own diet plan. The technology used by the sensors is dual frequency BIA Technology which increases the accuracy and reliability of the machine. You can connect all types of iOS and Android devices with the weighing machine and get the data analysis on your palm.

Buying Guide for Weighing Machine for Fat Analysis

If you are planning to purchase a weighing machine which can also help you in the fat analysis as well then you can also check out the buying guide. Here are the points that you need to consider while purchasing the product.

  • Parameters Displayed–You need to check for the parameters that are displayed by the weighing machine. It is certainly doesn’t makes sense to purchase a weighing machine which only displays a total fat percentage. You can get much more information about the machines available today. Check out the details and your machine should display parameters like Muscle mass, BMI, Fat percentage, Visceral Fat and water percentage. They can help you in tracking the details in a much easier way.
  • Connectivity and App Support– Check for the connectivity option and ensure that your weighing machine has a Bluetooth connectivity option. Apart from this, you must also check out the different apps supported by the weighing machine. It is better to go for a machine which supports multiple platform apps and syncs up the data together.
  • Internal Storage and Profile– Next thing to check is the feature which enables you to create multiple profiles and at the same time, you must also check the type of internal storage that is available in the weighing machine. This will help you in using the weighing machine in a better way.
  • Cost and Review– Next thing that you must check is the cost of the weighing machine and the reviews. The cost should fit into your budget and you can check for reviews as well to know about the reliability. Also, check the warranty information for your weighing machine.

This was all about the Best Weighing Machines in India which can also help you in the fat analysis. It certainly makes more sense to purchase a machine which can measure more than just weight. Go ahead, do your research and choose the best one which suits your need.