Best Height Measuring Scale (Stadiometer) In India 2020 – Price & Review

You might be looking out for the right height scale in India but when it comes to quality and price, remember very rare products or brand walk hand in hand in such a scenario. You surely don’t want to be part of that crowd where you simply save money and compromise with quality. If you want to use this speedometer for your kid or yourself then there are some of the crucial factors that you need to consider. But before that, it is important for you to first understand what the right scale is.

Heigh scale which popularly is also known as Stadiometers is an ore of height rods that are one of the essential tools which many professionals in the medical field often use. It is used for understanding the height of the patient but you can also use it for different purposes. Mostly the reading is available in inches and centres and is available in different brands, styles, and types to have a look at. This Height-Measuring rod is used in hospitals, doctor’s offices, labs and even research centres at most.

Top 5 Height Measure Scale / Stadiometers In India

The reason why such a product is trending because it gives accurate measures quite easily and the installation process is hassle-free too. All you have to do is let the person whose height needs to be a measure to be standing under the Stadiometers. There is a measure tongue that needs to be lowered on the head. Then you will see the height that can be visibility in the LCD area. The concept of reading is pretty simple and so is to use it. This innovative solution provides you with the most associated reading with just one click.

To ensure that you don’t do any mistake in buying the wrong one, here is the list of some of the best high scales in India that are sold on a large scale. They are trending not just for the price but also for the quality and accurate measurement with some other extraordinary features. Surely, your investment in such a scale is worth to have a check on the growth of the kid. But many people also use it in the medical areas for better reading. Have a look at some of the best product that is available in the market today.

#1. IS IndoSurgicals Height Measuring Scale 

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This is the best height measuring scale that you can come across in the market. With better results and great quality you surely will not repent of having this IS IndoSurgicals Height Measuring Scale without Weighing Scale at your home. It is a flood model without any weighing scale. The measurement may range from 20 – 210cm with 1mm graduation. You can have the reading in inches and centimetres both. the best part is you can carry it anywhere since it is easy to carry highly accurate too. Be it school, nursing home, hospitals or for the medical practices, this measuring scale is the ultimate choice to shortlist.


  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble
  • It is portable and accurate 
  • The arts are light in weight


  • The price is high over the quality
  • The measurements necessarily may not be accurate always

#2. PrimeSurgicals Height Measuring Scale

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This model is another trending product in the market today. It has a measuring scale that ranges from 20 – 210 Cm with 1Mm Graduation. If you are looking out for portable yet accurate reading providing weighing scale then surely this is the right product to shortlist. It comes with the centimetres and inches measurement and can be assembled and disassembled as and when needed in just 4 sections with an easy and time-saving process. Surely you can carry it anywhere since it is light in weight and can be used for measuring irrespective of the Location. This is a floor model without a weighing scale.


  • Accurate, Portable, Durable And Light Weight
  • It comes with a good warranty
  • Measuring In Inches And Centimeters
  • It is best for any location


  • The reading oven vary even if the plate moves which means you may not et the accurate measurement always

#3. AVI Healthcare Stadiometer Height Measuring Scale

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This is an impeccable weighing scale that has become the talk of the town by many people. It offers multiple uses at different locations. Be it school, nursing home, and hospitals or for the medical practices, this measuring scale is the ultimate choice to shortlist. This portable height device can be used anytime and can be conveniently transported to any location. Quality and result should not be a concern for you since; it will surely meet all your expectations and shall not disappoint you at all. With easy assembly and wide applications, this option definitely can be the right choice for you. Talking further about the design, it comes with a  firm vertical stand with an easy folding solution which ensures the fixation is tight and firm.


  • Simple Assembly
  • Skid-proof Footplate
  • Well designed 
  • Precise readings


  • The base is not steady always especially when it stands

#4. MCP Ultrasonic Stadiometer Height Measuring Device 

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This device is designed for kids and adults both and one of the most recommended products in the market today. The device comes with an innovative apparatus that ensures you get an accurate reading with the one clock operation and simple usage. This device is all equipped with some smart features which ensure the dormant state is entered soon after the 6 seconds if it is not operated then. This is the lasting product which ensures consistent performance and you shall of course not be disappointed with it. There is no need for any complex installation and the product is highly portable


  • LCD Display
  • Easy To Use
  • Higher Performance
  • One-Click Operation


  • You may see some error in the measurement of the regular height of 5 ft 6 inch or even above

#5. Prime Store Big Sale Height Measuring Scale

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There are so many trending weighing scales that has become the talk of the town for many people same way height measuring scale has also now become famous in school, nursing home, and hospitals or for the medical practices, this measuring weight and height is the ultimate choice to shortlist. This portable height device can be used anytime and can be conveniently transported to any location. It comes with easy installation and at the time of disassembling it, you can do so in sectors without any hassle. With all the plastic parts that it has, you get the accurate reading always.


  • Height Measuring Scale
  • Accurate reading
  • Durable And Light Weight
  • Highly Portable


  • Quality is extremely poor and the price that you pay is quite high
  • The readings necessarily are not always accurate

Buying Guide To Choose Best Height Measure Scale 

The reason why the height scale in India is trending is because of the quality which most of the brand promises along with an accurate result. But to make sure you choose the right option, it is important for you to shortlist the right product and for this given below guidelines can be of great help to you.

  • Easy operation: These days such type of device is designed with an innovative apparatus that offers accurate reading. But look for the easy operation based device. The device has to be versatile with some incredible features and a one-click operation. It has to be durable with consistent performance to enjoy.
  • Procedure: Since the standing height is the measurement that will be taking the distance from the floor to the high of the head or end of the subject point then you surely need to follow the right process of using it. Look for the device that does not have any complex process. The shoes have to be off and the feet need to be together but the quality of the product needs to be sturdy enough to bear the wear the time of taking the notes on the height.
  • Reliability: The measurement in terms of height can always vary and if you are looking for a reliable option then keep a note of the fact that it gives accurate results. To make sure if the product is reliable or not, you need to measure it at the same time of the day.

Final Verdict:

To buy or shortlist the right height scale in India should not be a problem for you as long as you know what things need to be shortlisted. When you come across different options, instead of simply decided from any random one, take your time, shortlist the one that grabs your attention, see the features like portability, easy transportation, assembly and most of all accurate results. Don’t just jump on the conclusion. Rather take time to compared and get some feedback from the customer who has used it earlier so that the product which you buy matches your need.