Top 5 Best Kitchen Weighing Scale in India 2020

A digital kitchen scale works to give an accurate measurement for cook or bake. The accurate measure assures perfect taste and texture of your dish. A weighing scale in the kitchen is a magic device has accurately helped your diet and weight management. It also measures by very low weights like grams or milligrams. It is lightweight and compact design easy to store and maintain them.

Our Top Picks 2020

#1 Generic #2 Bulfyss #3 HESLEY HSK1
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If you are looking to buying the best kitchen scale in India? This post renders you full information about digital kitchen food scales with the help of customers review & rating on Amazon or Flipkart.

Best Digital Kitchen Scale

1. Health Sense Chef-Mate-KS33 Digital Kitchen Scale

The Chef Mate from health sense is professional looking digital kitchen weighing scale used for the accurate weight of ingredients. The digital kitchen scale weighing range is 1g to 5000g.

It comes with a digital display has two buttons; on/off/tare buttons and the second unit button that desired to get an ingredient correct estimation.

Some features include such as a large led display, low battery indicator, overload indicator, auto-off, etc. With this kitchen scale, do not need to imagine the measurement of your ingredients.


Its blue backlight illuminated by 2 AAA batteries.

Accurate and easy to use this kitchen scale.

Automatically switches off.

Convenient display of units in g, lb, ml, oz as per your weighing preference.


 The maximum permissible limit of 5 kgs.


  • Model KS 33
  • Display LCD
  • Batteries 2
  • Weight 437 g
  • Warranty 1 Year

2. HealthSense KS 50 ChefMate Digital Kitchen Scale

This highly precise digital kitchen scale design with sturdy brushed SS platform with anti-fingerprint technology for easy to maintain and store without taking up too much space in the drawer.

It’s tare function to facilitate determination of net weight. This kitchen scale has comes with auto power-off feature which automatically shut off when you forgot to turn off them. 

This scale has an accuracy resolution measure in grams, millilitres, pounds or ounces with the one-touch button.

The kitchen weighing scale comes with 1-year warranty.

HealthSense Chef-Mate KS 50 Digital Kitchen Scale


Automatically shut off after 120 seconds.

Equipped with durable stainless steel material.

Overload Indicator.

Precise with G sensor for perfection.


Maximum 5000 g Weight Capacity.


  • Model KS-50
  • Display LCD
  • Colour Silver, Black
  • Battery Backup Approx 8 months
  • Weight 225 g
  • Warranty 1 Year

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3. Bulfyss Digital Kitchen Weighing Machine

The trendy and highly useful multipurpose scale comes with powerful precision strain gauge sensor system. This is mostly used in hotels, ice cream parlour and our home for daily use in the kitchen. Also used in the healthy diet plan for our routine lifestyle.

It assures perfect balancing equal in high humidity areas as its splash-proof design. The battery-operated digital kitchen scale is easy to use.

It’s large round stainless steel tray which is easy to wash and clean. The dimension of the kitchen scale is  24.5 L x 17 W x 3.5 H cm.

Bulfyss Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale


Extra lightweight easy to portable.

Wide LCD screen display for easy to read.

Maximum capacity of 10 kg weight.

Use 2 AA size batteries.


Accurate start up to 1 grams.


  • Brand Bulfyss
  • Colour White
  • Quality Durable
  • Screen Display LCD
  • Battery 2 AA
  • Weight 381 g
  • Warranty 1 Year

4. Billionbag Compact Digital Weighing Scale

The compact and stylish design kitchen scale comes with 10 kg capacity. The use in kitchen food measurement and healthy diet is a basic part of our everyday life.

This professionally designed scale suit for kitchen,  hotel and shop. Its wide LCD display with backlight helps to easy to read in scale display.

Its auto shut off features automatically shut off in 60 secs when it not used.

Billionbag Compact Digital Multi-Purpose Scale


Washable, Splash-proof design.

Attractive and ergonomic design.

Show weight in kg, Oz, g, lb.

Auto off-on Function.


Has an only 1 months warranty.


  • Brand Billionbag
  • Material Plastic
  • Weight Capacity 2 gm – 10 kg
  • Platform size 155/155 mm
  • Colour Off-White
  • Weight 449 g
  • Warranty 1 Month

5. MCP Electronic Digital LCD Screen Kitchen Scale

MCP‘s The multifunctional kitchen food scale is very imported for you.  This MCP kitchen weighing scale is an ideal solution to determine the measuring scale for basic ingredients.

Its a made of durable plastic material with a capacity of 7 kgs. A large display window for watch clear digital numbers.

Its tare function automatically resets the scale to zero after placing an empty container which gives you accurate weight every time.

MCP Electronic Digital LCD Screen Kitchen Scale


Automatic Zero reset option.

Auto shut off when the low battery and overload indication.

Battery operated.

Easily to carry and transport


No any product warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Model SF-400
  • Colour White
  • Battery 2AA Lithium Ion
  • Weight 420 g
  • Display LCD
  • Price Rs.299/-

Personal Recommendation

We have already explained the five best kitchen scale in India. But if you have a low budget and decide to buy the best product then we suggest Generic Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale. This is currently 1 bestselling digital weighing scales on Amazon India.
Generic Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale

This is a basic digital kitchen weighing scale has capacity is a minimum of 1 gm to 10 kg/10000g. This is a professional scale designed for kitchen, mail room or even your workshop. It is easy to use and perfect for all kitchens.

Things to Look, When Buying a Kitchen Weighing Scale

If you want to cook accurately and want to scale kitchen products or some small amount of things a kitchen weighing scale is best for you.

The time was gone for old type heavyweight scales and not such a give you accurate results. Nowadays, kitchen scales become accurate, stylish and lightweight.

Check below points for better understanding.

Types of Kitchen Scales

♥ Balance Scales

♥ Mechanical Scales

♥ Digital Scale


  1. Give Highest Priority to Accuracy
  2. Size and Capacity
  3. Auto-Off Feature 
  4. Durability with Low Battery Indicator
  5. Check Warranty and Return Policy

Buying Guides on Best Kitchen Scales

Cooking is an art. Everyone loves cooking, irrespective of gender, age, and other factors. Some cook for fun. While others cook for hobbies. Some take it as a profession.

Yes, everyone can cook!

But what makes them a professional chef or an expert in this field? What makes their food taste better than others? Where do they stand out? Well, the answer to this question is simple. I once asked my mom that how does the taste differ for each chef even though the dish is the same, as well as the ingredients, are the same. she told me that it is the precisely measured quantity of each and every ingredient that makes it so fruitful. And the one who masters it becomes a good chef. Yes, she’s right.

And how does one master it? Well, there’s one easy way to be precise with your measurements of the ingredients. To be so accurate with your measurements, all you need is a good, reliable, modern Kitchen Scale.

Kitchen scales are one good equipment that a good chef or a good cook would like to have. It helps measure, right from the tiniest of ingredients like rice grains and mustards and herbs and nuts to the heftier items like meat and poultry.

Now, before buying a kitchen scale, let’s take a quick look into its types. There are three major types of kitchen

Scales being used at various places for various reasons. They are:

  1. Balancing scale
  2. Measuring scale
  3. Digital scale

Let’s have a short comparison of each scale.

In the case of Balancing scale :

  1. It works like a see-saw.
  2. Weights are positioned at one arm and the ingredients on the other arm.
  3. The meter in between these two arms show the weight measurements.

But sometimes it is not precisely measured as it keeps varying. It is more of a granny-esque way of measuring the ingredients. also check what is a better, digital or analogue weighing scale

In the case of Measuring scale :

  1. It works with a spring which pulls the weight of the ingredients.
  2. A Dial attached to the spring shows the weight of the ingredients.
  3. The meter, along with a rotating pin, shows the measurements.

The problem with this scale is that the spring can sometimes become loose and it wears out, thus making the measurement go wrong.

Finally, the Digital scale, the most popular one among all kitchen scales :

  1. It has an LCD display that shows the measurements very precisely.
  2. Weights are kept on a plate or a bowl above the machine.
  3. While the other two scales don’t need a battery, this scale needs a battery.

The weight capacity is often limited. But still, it is the most sought-after kitchen scale. When compared to all the three scales, it seems that the digital weighing machine is the best one and the most reliable.

But, you, as a customer, need to be completely satisfied with your purchase of kitchen scale. Some important points are jotted down for valuable customers before they buy a kitchen scale.

These kitchen scales have a lot of merits according to their usage. One must be very keen in picking up the best scale possible for their respective usage.

Best deal

Digital kitchen scale is highly recommended for its deadly accuracy and easy readings. The measurements are very precise and perfect with the readings.

Bigger Display

As a user, you must be able to read the measurements clearly. So it is advisable to pick a scale with a bigger display. Some displays won’t be clear to the user. The user must make sure that measurements are easily taken. So it is better to purchase a digital kitchen weighing scale with a bigger display.


More importantly, it should be fitting easily into your kitchen. It should be compact. Some scales are very large and heavy and can’t be easily assessed. So a Digital kitchen weighing machine which is compact and stylish could be a good deal maker.

Storage feature

Some digital scales can store readings and measurements as well, which will help for future reference. Let’s say certain

measurements are being taken as for now and these measurements could come handy sometime later, it is always easy with a digital scale in kitchen to store the measurements safe and used for later reference.

Tare feature

The tare function in the digital scale simply makes the machine go back to zero so that more weight can be added. In this case, a product or an ingredient is already placed, and the scale shows measurements, and without replacing them the product, using this tare feature, the measurement panel becomes zero and another product can be placed on top of it for measurements.

Now we have come across, seeing how it works and its functionality and features. But how often do we use to it? Or one may think why do they need such a machine to calculate the measurements.

Given the challenge to cook food with perfect taste and aroma, one finds it really hard to be precise with their measurements for sure, unless they’re an expert in it.

But even experts sometimes err. Of course, To err is human. And basically, it’s humans who cook.

So there’s every possible way for humans to go wrong with their calculations. And that’s where the kitchen scale comes in handy.

We all must have seen a chef cooking a dish with all the required ingredients and before he/she starts preparing it, firstly, the quantity for each and every ingredient used for the dish are shown.

Have you ever thought about how their measurements are perfect? It is all because of the kitchen scale that they use to measure the quantity of the ingredients.

It is always advisable for the customers to check the durability, style, compact, and much more various features of a scale, before he/she purchases it. This can be really handy for a person to be really good at measuring the food particles.

It really does help the user in every possible way of measuring, not just food particles, but simply anything that can be measured, if the person needs a precise measurement of the product