Best Luggage Weighing Machine in India – 4 Hanging Weighing Scale for Luggage

If you are a person who travels a lot, then a luggage scale is one of the most important things that you should own. Most of the people I know own a luggage scale and it helps them to pack their luggage exactly based on how much their transport service allows. If you are a frequent traveller then you will know that an extra Kg of luggage can cost you hundreds of rupees on an aeroplane. 

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#1 Belta Silver

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When it comes to luggage scale, there are more than thousands of models available on the market and most of the people confuse a luggage scale with an ordinary weighing scale if you are such a person then know that luggage scale and regular weighing scale are very different. Here is the list of top 4 best luggage scales available on the Indian market today and our review on each product. 

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#1 Generic Digital Heavy Duty Portable Hook Type with Temp Weighing Scale (6259)


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Purchasing a luggage scale is somewhat an important thing to most of the people who travel a lot, quality and precision are the two main features that they want in their luggage scale. If you are such a person then, this luggage scale is best recommended for you. 

Even if this luggage scale comes from a Generic brand, the features offered by the product are excellent. The product not only boasts quality but also, advanced features that can stand second to none. Here are some of the top features

Features –

  • This product is powered by 2 AA-size batteries
  • The entire product is made of high-quality ABS plastic
  • Unlike most of the weighing scale, this luggage scale comes with an automatic reading hold feature that enables the user to obtain the exact reading
  • This luggage scale can be used to weigh up to 50kgs without any issue
  • The ball incorporated into this product is made of stainless steel that is designed to withstand any stress without deforming


  • Manufacturer offers 2 AA batteries with the product
  • Auto reading hold
  • Stainless steel balls
  • Max limit 50 kgs
  • ABS plastic made

Cons –

  • This luggage scale is very sensitive, a slight shake or stress while weighing can give you different reading.

#2 Belita Silver Luggage Scale (BPS-1161)


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This luggage scale from the brand Belita comes with top-features that include style, ease of use, precision, and quality. Not all luggage scales are user-friendly, but if you are a person looking for a user-friendly luggage scale, then Belita Luggage scale will not disappoint you.

This luggage scale unlike most of the luggage scale comes with rectangular dial and a reinforced and rugged nylon strap, which can withstand any strain without breaking. 

Features –

  • The manufacturer claims that this product can weigh a maximum of 50 kgs with precision. 
  • The rugged nylon strap comes attached to a strong metal hook that can hold any weight with ease. 
  • The product comes with an LCD display that is large 
  • The nylon strap can be adjusted according to the user’s requirement 
  • The manufacturer has included backlit feature in the product for better night vision. 
  • The entire product is compact and can be easily carried
  • One of the major factor that makes this product different is that this luggage scale is built for heavy-duty

Pros –

  • 50 kgs max weigh
  • Rugged nylon strap 
  • Metal hook for efficient handling of the load
  • Large LCD screen
  • Auto on/off feature
  • Low battery indicator
  • Sound indication feature

Cons –

  • The product does not come with reading hold feature, so if the customer is in a hurry this product will not help. 

#3 MCP Factory Direct Pro Digital Hand Gripped Portable Luggage Belt Type Weighing Scale 

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This luggage scale comes from the brand MCP ad this is one of the best luggage scales available today on the Indian market. 

This luggage scale comes with several unique features that enable the user to obtain precise luggage weight up to 10-grams. Here are some of the top features that this luggage scale can offer

Features –

  • This product comes with a sturdy stainless steel handle that enables the user to weigh heavy luggage with ease
  • This luggage scale is easy to carry and the product is lightweight
  • This luggage scale is easy to operate as it comes with less complicated control buttons
  • This product comes designed in such a way that it is suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • The hook that comes attached to this luggage scale has an overall diameter of 4 cm, which makes it suitable to carry any heavy load.

Pros –

  • Lightweight
  • Stainless steel handle
  • Sturdy design
  • 10-gram precision
  • Shut-off feature
  • Large LCD display

Cons –

  • The control buttons placed on this device is not of good quality, it the user exerts too much pressure on the buttons, the product could malfunction 

#4 EAYIRA Mini Weight Balance Digital Portable Electronic Luggage Scale

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Are you looking for a luggage scale that is easy to use and comes with good quality? This product comes from the top-brand Eayira and it is one of the most convenient to use weighing scale available today.

This product comes guaranteed to provide precise reading up to 5 grams; this is one of the most important and unique features this product comes incorporated with, here are some of the other top features that come incorporated into this product.

Features –

  • This luggage scale comes incorporated with large LCD screen
  • The LCD display in this luggage scale is placed at the top side that allows the user easy visibility even while weighing the luggage
  • Comes with an auto shut off feature that increases the battery life
  • Has indicator sound that alerts the user after a steady weigh reading is obtained
  • The product comes incorporated with a metal hook that allows the user to weigh a luggage with ease
  • This product is easy to use and carry

Pros –

  • Large LCD screen
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Indicator sound
  • Metal hook for easy weighing
  • Easy to carry
  • Maximum capacity 50 Kgs

Cons –

  • If the user loads more than 50 kgs, then the luggage scale might break

Conclusion –

A luggage scale is very important when it comes to travelling by aeroplane. The number of luggage scale and multipurpose scale available on the market will confuse you, so, consider purchasing any one of the products mentioned above and you will not regret buying it.