Best Omron Weighing Machine / Scale In India 2019

Body Composition scale is highly appreciated for their huge advantage to learn about body fat and BMI factors. There are plenty of Omron Weighing Machines, which makes them reliable to consider. If you are going to buy a new Omron weighing machine and don’t know anything about their features along with usability, then you have to be selective and consider plenty of factors. 

Here, we are focusing on the best design along with their affordable price so that the buyers don’t face any kind of issue. In addition to these factors, we are considering the smart features so that it becomes easy to track data and monitor your growth along with time. Keep it in mind that you should look after your own needs and then decide which one directly fit into your budget. Let’s get started – 

Top 4 Best Omron Weighing Machines

As there are plenty of models with smart features and additional tweaks, we are arranging all on the basis of value for money factor. This will make everything easier, and you can grow well also. Let’s know about our top pick of the choice and move to the rest of them – 

#1 Omron HN 289 (Black) Automatic Personal Digital Weight Machine

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Affordable price and basic features of Omron HN 289 Automatic Personal Digital Weight Machine are making it highly reliable and better to consider a deal for sure. It is a black coloured weighing scale with a small LCD display to give you an accurate reading every single time. 

It got plenty of features, but the major ones are, accurate reading with four sensors, fewer chances of failure and auto turn on/off option. You don’t have to worry about storing it wet, that’s why it seems like the best choice in all kinds. 

Pros – 

  • Affordable price for higher accuracy. 
  • Four sensors to always give accurate results. 
  • Comes with one year of warranty from the date of purchase. 
  • The large LCD panel, easy to look at from a distance also. 

Cons – 

  • Shows error in fewer cases when not calibrated properly. 

#2 Omron HN 289 (Blue) Automatic Personal Digital Weight Scale With Large LCD

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The very next choice in our list is Omron HN 289 (Blue) Automatic Personal Digital Weight Scale With Large LCD due to its sleek design, and it has a pretty color which makes it look attractive for sure. The built quality is good enough that you can scratch the top of this weighing scale. 

With the high-grade tempered glass, you can feel that it looks very premium for sure. The precision display is large as compared to the other models. The last factor is price; it is very affordable, that’s why you can’t find a single reason to hate this product. 

Pros – 

  • Very lightweight and easy to Store due to the sleek design. 
  • Selectable matrix option gives you a better variety. 
  • It has Automatic turn On and Off switches. 
  • Easy to use and highly reliable due to accuracy. 
  • Available in many versions of extra features. 

Cons – 

  • Base rubber is off poor quality, stick to the floor. 

#3 Omron HBF 375 Karada Scan Complete Digital Body Composition Monitor

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Our third choice of quality Omron Scale is a bit expensive, but it got some advanced features, which make it highly reliable and better to consider over the selection of others. Omron HBF 375 Karada Scan Complete Digital Body Composition Monitor has smart connectivity. 

The very first thing is its memory to track three months of data. It has the body fat monitor to let you know about how much you have shredded after gym or exercise. In other words, you know that if your diet is working effectively or not. Even, displays are skeletal muscle prevent makes it safer to use. 

Pros – 

  • Track Memory to store data and progression for three months properly. 
  • Four memory presets to store data of four-person at a time. 
  • Let you know about Fat Percentage, BMI and rest of stuff. 
  • Require four AAA batteries, which makes it easy to power up. 

Cons – 

  • Not very affordable, very few people prefer due to the high price. 
  • Maximum weighing capacity isn’t that high. 

#4 Omron Digital Ultra Slim Glass Weight Scale

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The last choice in our list is Omron Digital Ultra Slim Glass Weight Scale. It is similar to our top pick, but the pattern makes it look attractive. The build quality is nice, and it has a large LCD display to take a reading with ease; that’s why you can find this product as the most reliable choice. 

With the easy to operate function and low power working, a single time replacement of the battery will last you six months easily that’s why you can find it as the better choice. High-grade panel glass enhances the durability of this product; that’s why you can rely on it without any issue. 

Pros – 

  • Extremely easy to use design. 
  • Built quality is nice and better from others. 
  • High grade tempered glass for better durability. 
  • Silver coated glass won’t fade color for sure. 

Cons – 

  • Slightly expensive from top pick whereas features are the same. 

Bottom Line

After considering these products, it is sure that you can easily grab the best product for an affordable price point. Keep in mind that you check reviews and your need during the purchase to lower chances of getting into any issue.