Which is Better – Analog or Digital Scales?

A lot of people agree with the fact that the analog scales are much more accurate while there are a lot of people who have an opinion favouring the digital scales. The question is which one is really a better scale? Is it the analog scale that is better or is it the digital scale that is better? Which one should you really buy if you are planning to purchase a new scale? Well, it can be a tough choice but we are going to compare all the points in regards to the digital scale as well as the analog scale so that you can decide which one is better for you. Let us get into the details now.

Key Point Analog Scale Digital Scale

Analog scales are considered to be reliable but it can be difficult to read the display with each decimal place. 

Digital weighing scales are considered to be much more reliable because of the technology they use. Most of these scales use 4 digital sensors to measure the weight and hence seems to be a little better in terms of reliability.
Ease of Using

Analog scales are certainly easy to use but the only trouble here is that the dial keeps on wobbling with the slight change in weight and this makes it a little difficult to read the dial.

In this aspect, we would again suggest that the digital scales are better. This is mainly because of the display integrated into the Machine. These displays are high contrast display and some of them also have a backlight which makes it quite easy to check readings.


Understand the difference between precision and accuracy. Analog scales are considered to be more accurate but the fact is that they are not precise. This has a trade-off.

Digital scales are considered to be a lot of precise but one thing that you might want to understand is that there is a slight percentage of error in every reading. The cheaper models might not also be as accurate.


Analog scales are durable but with time, the spring mechanism wears out and that is when you start getting a lot of error in the readings. They are susceptible to moisture as well. 

Digital scales are certainly durable and they also come with a yearlong warranty. There are some brands which offer a long warranty which certainly makes digital scales a little more durable than analog ones.


Analog scales are slightly heavy because of the spring mechanism inside the machine.

Digital weighing scales are very portable. They are lightweight and sleek. In addition to this, there are many designs available in digital scales as well.


The cost of these analog scales are constant and they can be higher or lower than the digital scale depending on which digital scale you are comparing it with.

The price of the base model of digital scale will usually be lower than its counterpart but it can also be a lot more than analog scale if you are opting for a high-end model with a lot of features. Also, these require a battery to function which associates with running cost.


Analog scales needs calibration but it is very easy to calibrate the analog scale. It takes just a twist of the dial to calibrate the analog scale.

Calibration is not usually a challenge if you are buying a machine with an auto-calibration feature which virtually doesn’t need any efforts for calibration. It can be a challenge to calibrate the machines which need manual calibrations and we would not recommend those weighing scales.

Extra Features Do not expect any extra feature when you are purchasing the analog weighing scale.

You can get several extra features like multiple measurement units, measurements for BMI, Muscle mass and other such metrics.

These were the key differences between the analogue and the digital scale. You can compare these points and decide which one are really better for you. The choice can really be subjective and there is no certain answer for 2 people. Choose for yourself and purchase as per your needs or as per your opinion. you can find the best weighing machine here.